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Wedding coverage includes: Owner, Mike Argento, photographing your wedding with a second photographer. I deliver every edited photo in both color and black & white. Your images will be full resolution and you will have full reproduction rights. (Contact me to discuss packages and payment options)

How am I different from the rest?: To me, there are 3 major factors involved when considering a wedding photographer. The photos, the price, and the personality. How you appreciate my photography is subjective and it's more important to some than others. It is my hope, that if you've made it to this paragraph, photography is high on your list of importance. Price is something that is fixed, right? There is a budget for the wedding and if you spend more on one thing, you'll be spending less on the other! If this is your first wedding, then most likely you have no idea why it costs what it does to hire a photographer. Without writing a long description of my job, I'll simply write this: As you may have noticed during your search for a photographer, there are only a handful of photographers in our price range. Simply put, this is how much it costs to have a good experience on your wedding day and the price of receiving a premium product. I am seeking couples who want these two things and know they deserve it. Finally, there is personality. My personality is what separates me from everyone, right?! So what will I be like on your wedding day? Scroll to the bottom and drop me a line to find out! ;)

After your wedding, I back up the photo files on multiple hard drives and load all of the images into my photo editing software. From there, I choose all of the good shots and carefully remove the extras. Once I narrow down the gallery to just the keepers, I edit all of the images to correct the exposure, color, and remove any blemishes or unwanted objects. As soon as everything is ready, I send you a direct link to your gallery. At that point your photos will be available to download, print, and share immediately! I'm always the last stop before you receive your edited photos and I take a tremendous amount of pride in that. My mission is to create a beautiful and artistic collection of photos which will serve as your first family heirloom. I consider documenting the beginning of your new life together an opportunity and a privilege. You inspire me!