Let's talk about wedding albums

Let's face it, digital media rules right now. You can share images on Facebook & Instagram, upload images to the cloud, and save them on hard drives which have become very affordable. I believe that this has created an illusion that won't be revealed for many years to come. The illusion that tangible photo products aren't necessary. In a few years people will start to realize the importance of holding tangible items in their hands again. You'll have family & friends over for dinner and afterwards the opportunity will present itself for everyone to look at your wedding photos. A chance to reminisce about one of the happiest days of your lives, with the people who are most important to you. Or, you'll be cleaning your house one afternoon. The house is empty and you'll spontaneously have the urge to stop dusting, pick that book up off the shelf, and immerse yourself in the memories of your wedding day. This was one of the happiest days of your lives. This was the beginning.

Not having to log-on to a computer. No searching through Facebook galleries. No tiny phone with images backlit by an LED screen. Instead, you'll sit down and turn pages. You'll hold the book in your hands. The smell of the leather cover will take you right back to the year of your wedding. Memories can be easily sparked just by looking at an image on a screen...but being able to hold the past in your hands is a totally different experience. Years from now, the current trend dictates that most married couples won't have the opportunity to relive their wedding day with this feeling. They won't have a wedding album to keep.

I want it to be different for Argento Photography clients. I want every wedding couple we photograph to understand the importance of owning a wedding album. Yes, your images will come in a gallery of hundreds of photos. All of them will be great moments in time and fun memories; however, your wedding album will give you a chance to highlight your favorite images and family photos that will be worth sharing forever. These photos will be in a tangible format that can literally be handed from one generation to the next. Each spread in the album will tell a different part of your wedding day story. You can hand choose the images which will serve as your first family heirloom. In the years to come, the couples who didn't invest in a wedding album simply won't know the difference. You, on the other hand, will feel good about your decision to invest in something so great. Being able to hold the past in your hands is priceless. Your wedding album will always be there.


Clean design to showcase your wedding images


The process & Price

Once you receive your wedding photos you can choose your favorite 50 images, choose half of the photos and let us fill in the rest, or let me choose every image for you. Picking your images is easy. You'll simply create a 'favorites' group by clicking on the heart icon next to each of the images in your online gallery that you'd like in the album. Then I custom design your spreads which will take up to 2 weeks. Once the design is ready, I'll send over a preview for you to approve or request changes to. As soon as it's just how you want it, I'll place the order for it to be printed and bound by the album maker. You'll then receive the album within 2 weeks. Parent books work a bit differently. They can either be one image on each page or the whole book can be a smaller copy of your wedding album. Since there is no design time involved, parent books are completed with less of a turnaround time.

Pricing is simple and straight forward. Albums start with 10 spreads (20 pages) and come in 2 sizes. 8x8 (parent book size) and 10x10 (wedding album size). Additional spreads can be added in order to fit more wedding images. Typically, 50 images is ideal for a 10 spread (20 page) design. Each additional spread (2 pages) adds $20 to the total.


Album Cover Swatches